Modern psychiatry integrated with contemporary psychoanalysis offers an enormously powerful body of knowledge for the relief of human suffering.


Treatment grounded in these disciplines helps people tame their baser instincts and harness optimal intimacy, cooperation, and constructive competition instead of ending up mired in destructive, cut-throat aggression, impotent rage, or dehumanizing sexuality.

Cumulatively these effects help people grow, change, integrate, modulate, and free up emotional energy in the service of creativity and mastery—in short, become their best selves.

The reverberations go well beyond the individual, fostering richer relationships, family life, and organizations. The ripple effect can help break the kinds of destructive cycles which, if left untreated, keep echoing through the generations.

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What Good Psychodynamic Therapy Is All About

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It is not implausible to say that much of the failure in the world is a failure of psychology, a failure to make our principles relevant and achievable as tools of enlightened self-interest.